Monday, September 26, 2016

13 Commercial break

Time for a short commercial break

Introducing Instant Windows

We all have that plain boring hallway or stair landing that we don’t want, and installing a drafty conventional window with a view of your neighbors' brick wall is out of the question.

Your answer is finally here! Instant windows brought to you by the artist DAB.

Try instant window today and enjoy this beautiful bay window, with no drafts, and a stunning view of moon island every day, all day. It can even be placed on any wall and instantaneously you have a beautiful view of this tropical lagoon and full moon.

The best part of Instant Windows is when you tire of your view you don’t have to move: Just change your window!

That’s instant windows only available from the artist DAB:

What view would you like to see outside your window?

...We now return to your regular programing

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