Saturday, June 18, 2016

7. Small Island

Small Island

This is the view from the opening of the Desjardins Canal between Cootes paradise wetlands and Hamilton inner bay on Lake Ontario. The small island is man made to help protect the nesting birds. This was as far as I could walk at this time and my wife and I would rest here before heading back to the car and home on our daily walks. 

The original painting is only 8 X 10 inch. So, much of the detail and beauty of this location is hidden but the memories of the time spent walking with my wife as we got adjusted to this new way of life, are priceless. 

Using only the primary colours I wasted more paint, trying to remember how to mix the colours after a thirty year absence form doing any art, than I used on this painting, but it was a good stepping stone and an enjoyable experience.

I actually painted a colour wheel after this for practice. I distinctly remember when I left high school art saying I would never ever paint another colour wheel again.

After all the things I have experienced, this is probably the first time I slowed down enough to really think about things.

I have spent way too much time working hard in my life and not enough time enjoying what I have.

Yes I did make time for my family by taking holidays, being my children’s Beavers leader, Cubs leader and soccer coach, playing games; all sorts of fatherly things; But, I never slowed down.

I worked 50-plus hours a week and spent as much time as possible doing something all the time. Now here we were, my wife and I walking slowly down a paved path, no rush, just time to talk quietly, share and adjust to this new way of life.  It was what we needed and I am so happy we had this time together.

It might just be a simple painting, of an insignificant stretch of water with a pile of rocks for an island, but it sure helped me. 

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