Thursday, May 19, 2016

1. Introduction

Hello and Welcome to Becoming the Artist DAB.

As I like the number 5,  I thought it would be good to start this with 5 questions to begin our journey.

1 Where to start ?
2. Who is DAB ?
4. What brought him here ?  
3. When does one change ?
5.Why does he paint?

Old Shed
Where does this story begin? Look in the window, no not the reflection in the window, look in closely at the broken window in the lower right corner,  back in that dark corner. See that couple? That's my mom and dad...Not really, but it is a great old shed.

This is kind of how I think of myself, a little broken around the edges but still trying to be useful and reflect on good thoughts.

So DAB,  David Allen Bigelow  Yep that's it, some guy born in the 60's.  No not partying in the 60's, born then. Just old enough to know I missed the party. 

The second son of Lynn and Fred Bigelow, who were too young to be recognized as married by the Canadian Army to get the married soldiers' bonuses, but extremely dedicated to their two sons and facing a spectacular challenge raising a son, crippled by club feet. They worked hard to find a solution and got some help for their second son’s needs.  

Yep, that was me, six months old and starting 10 years of procedures of repeated breaking, straightening, and bracing my legs; 27 times each I am told.  This kid learned to walk, run, ride, and eventually getting  those great straight legs to conquer the unicycle and ride it all around the city I was born in.  Yep it hurt, it hurt a lot; but would I do it again? You bet! I had a blast running on them legs and only broke one once after that... but that's for another time.


  1. this is excellent David
    i was born in the 70's and have been painting/drawing,along with what i do now from as far back as 1978

  2. Your parents are to be admired!
    Wow, 10 years of treatment. :-O

    I was born with hip dysplasia, and only had 3 years of braces (learning to walk at 3) then orthopedic shoes til my teens. I had no idea the treatment for clubfoot was so involved.. and painful!

    Congrats for the new blog!

    Ain't Blogspot grand!

    1. Thank you For visiting , I am learning quickly but having fun with it.
      Best part is I have little to no memory of the procedures